Contis Group, the way forward post BREXIT

Published on: August 14, 2017
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The events of the last days regarding the UK’s membership of the UK has set many questions running, on how UK institutions will continue operations in the EEA post a separation of the UK from the EU.

At Contis we have always tried to plan for the unexpected, so we can confirm that our capabilities will not be impacted by the BREXIT outcome, as we have covered our options by establishing alternative routes to licensing our capabilities across the EEA.

So, rest assured, it is business as usual for our international and future clients as the opportunities and pan-European agreements reshape.

The facts are clear today, no one today knows the outcomes regarding current passports (where member states operate outside of what will be the EU minus the UK) or how UK institutions will be able to operate within the EU.

The only thing certain is that this is a trading and not a political issue. Therefore, if we are not to see a complete meltdown of current relationships (all so important for international trade), then there must be a logical solution that works for the UK and the remaining EU members.

But as I stated, Contis has prepared itself to be able to trade, via existing licences or via its new arrangements, where we will be licensed within the EU itself.

Folks, this is interesting times, but rest assured, I believe sense will prevail and trading will continue.

Peter J Cox

Executive Chairman and CEO.

Contis Group Ltd



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