Contis Product Update – September 2021

Published: September 8, 2021
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Welcome to Contis’ regular update, sharing our latest software development and product launches.

Contis provides a modular and configurable product suite that clients can tailor to their needs. We continually innovate to give your customers cutting edge payments services, a seamless user experience and security you can rely on. Recent updates include:


Direct Debit – Customer Warning System

Contis’ unique Direct Debit functionality automatically notifies and protects customers at risk of failed payments.

What’s the problem?

Direct Debit is the easiest way for your customers to pay their bills. The main benefits of Direct Debits are that merchants receive all their payments on time and the process is almost fully automated for the customer. However, sometimes due to a lack of funds in the customer’s account Direct Debits do not go through, exposing the customer to potential penalties.

Direct Debit only pulls funds from the customer account based on a pre-agreed scope and instruction. It does not check for funds and therefore cannot protect the customer from non-payment penalties.

The Contis Way

Contis has developed a unique system of customised alerts and account checks as an additional step in the Direct Debit cycle to prevent unnecessary customer penalties.

On the last day of the Direct Debit cycle, account holders with insufficient funds are sent an alert reminding them to top-up their accounts within the next two days. This notification gives the customers sufficient time to ensure that the Direct Debit goes through.

It is particularly useful for customers who are not adept at money management or do not often have funds available in their account.


Cardless ATM

To eliminate the hassles of carrying and managing cards, Contis now offers an innovative solution for cash disbursement through ATM networks using a code rather than ATM card and pin.

Contis can now configure accounts to issue on request a unique pin number through mobile phones to disburse a pre-agreed amount of cash from any partner ATM without the need of a card and pin combination or any pre-registration.

Aside from eliminating the need to carry the ATM card, this innovative solution ensures safe and secure cash delivery to the recipient. End-users can also leverage the service to deliver money and emergency aid to family, friends, and loved ones via just a text message or access cash efficiently while waiting for stolen or lost cards to be replaced. For a business or enterprise, there is no better solution to issue emergency cash payments to staff and employees by generating a requested code to access the amount.

To know more about our ‘cardless ATM’ offering or to integrate it into your current program, reach out to your dedicated account manager or our sales team.

To find out more about our Direct Debit and Cardless ATM offerings, get in touch online.

By: Shilpa Sharma
Published: September 8, 2021
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